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Best Space Documentaries 2019

If you are into space, science and tech like I am you are always on the hunt for more ways to learn. I recently partnered with MagellanTV and started watching a series of documentaries called “Cosmic Journeys“.


If you’re interested in planetary science, the episode titled Venus: Death of a Planet is for you. Venus is Earths sister planet, though it’s considered “dead” there are things that we can learn from Venus that will teach us about Earth and Earth-like planets.


Star Crash: The Explosion That Transformed Astronomy digs deep into the first recorded gravitational wave, a ripple in the fabric of spacetime. LIGO used an instrument that’s 2.5 miles long to record the violent collision of 2 super dense neutron stars.

Is the Universe Infinite? explores the biggest question of all time. How big is the Universe? Does it go on forever and what is beyond our own Universe. The observable Universe is 13.9 billion years old, but what is beyond that. What is infinity? They ask that question as well.

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