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Magellantv – Birth of a Black Hole Review

Disclaimer: I was paid an advertising fee to write this article. That being said, I would have watched Birth of a Black Hole anyway.

I’ve always been fascinated by black holes, they are mysterious, powerful and absolutely terrifying. The size of black holes is so massive that my mind has a hard time wrapping itself around what they actually are.

Luckily the folks at MagellanTV have my back and Birth of a Black Hole explains in detail how black holes are formed and just how astronomically powerful they are.

When done right, science documentaries are not only informative, but captivating. The visuals in Birth of a Black Hole are amazing, tying the creation story of black holes with the people that discovered them. There’s also a deep dive on the astronomers and physicists that dug into the science to explain how they are made.

You get to go along for the journey of discovery in this 25 minute documentary on MagellanTV. They do a great job explaining, not only how they are formed, but what they can do to other celestial bodies, basically rip them apart and create a singularity that has never been seen before.

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