New Evidence of SpaceX Starship Launch Date


On April 20th 2023, SpaceX embarked on a test from its Starbase facility in Texas, marking the Starship and Super Heavy’s maiden voyage. Unfortunately, the trial culminated in the vehicle’s destruction when it was forced to terminate its mission early due to multiple engine failures during the climb and a subsequent uncontrolled tumble.

Looking ahead, SpaceX is preparing for a second attempt to launch this colossal vehicle, with Booster 9 and Ship 25 at the forefront, both having demonstrated promising performance in pre-launch assessments. Notably, Booster 9’s second static fire test achieved a milestone by lighting up all 33 engines simultaneously, although some ceased operating shortly after ignition. Ship 25 has completed its pre-flight procedures flawlessly.

Given the experimental nature of the forthcoming test, scheduling for the launch remains tentative, with SpaceX committed to flexibility in timing to maximize data collection and ensure the Starship and Super Heavy’s enhanced flight evaluation.

It looks like SpaceX is tentatively planning a launch of their massive Starship Superheavy rocket from Boca Chica, Starbase Texas in Mid November around the 13th.

There is a new Navigational Hazard Warning for the Gulf of Mexico for the 13th to the 18th of November between 7AM and 9:39AM CST.

This, along with the Highway 4 road closures East of Brownsville, Texas indicate that SpaceX is moving forwards with a plan to launch.

Though they don’t have sign off from the Fish and Wildlife Department quite yet, we expect it to happen in the coming weeks. They also need a launch license from the FAA in order to fly the almost 400 foot tall rocket.

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