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You can buy a STAR WARS style speeder bike today.

It’s a speeder bike it’s like a Star Wars kinda speeder bike and companies making them I’ll tell you all about that just a moment I’m gonna take a break a pause for the cause it’s time to pay some bills.

All right so the speeder it’s available for pre-order it’s the world’s first flying motorcycle.

It’s made by Jet Pack Aviation and you can pre order one right now with just ten thousand dollars. It’s fuel by diesel or kerosene fuel as for turbo jet engines it’s fully stabilized and fly by wire it’s basically a Star Wars speeder bike it has four engines and it has seven hundred fifty five pounds of thrust three hundred sixty degree collision avoidance but the cool thing it was a hundred and fifty miles an hour.

It has a drive time of twenty minutes and the Max altitude is fifteen thousand feet.

And the max weight for the driver is two hundred forty pounds so if you ever wanted to be in Star Wars well maybe this is your chance.

They’re based in Los Angeles you can also use jet fuel jet a fuel in them and they can fly in light to moderate rain can it fly at night let’s see it’s equipped with navigation instruments lights and can fly during the night. If you can do this legally will depend on your country’s aviation rules.

It’s not a passenger vehicle you can’t have an extra passenger with you. You can’t have a buddy on the back of this thing like a normal motorcycle can.

There is an unmanned military commercial version of the speeder that can be flown unmanned, like a drone.

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